6 Factors to Consider Before You Rent a Yacht in Dubai for Your Next Birthday Bash

6 Factors to Consider Before You Rent a Yacht in Dubai for Your Next Birthday Bash

Posted OnDecember 5, 2018

You may be wondering why you should rent a yacht in Dubai for your next birthday bash.

The answer is simple. Long after a party is over, a few things remain on our minds; the people we met, the taste of the food and the drinks, and most importantly, the uniqueness of the party venue.

Talking about party venues, nothing can be as unique and memorable as hosting your party on a luxury yacht while sailing on the beautiful Arabian Sea. There is no better way to make your party stand out and send out the word about your class and taste.

To make sure your next yacht party is as amazing as you have imagined it to be, we have outlined a few factors to consider before you rent a yacht in Dubai.

The Number of Guests: This is particularly important as it would help you to determine the size of the yacht to rent for the party and the number of crews. Knowing the number of invitees is also important when discussing the menu and the amount of food and drinks to be provided by the yacht charter company so as to avoid a shortage or wastage of resources.


The Size of the Yacht and the Facilities: Determining the size and type of the yacht to rent depends on a number of factors including the budget and the number of people invited to the party.


Budget: To rent a yacht in Dubai for your birthday party, you need to consider your budget as it will determine the type of boat you would go for. In addition, the price of renting a yacht depends on a lot of factors including the size of the boat and the facilities therein, the number of crew and guests, the season of the year, costs of entertainment, photography and videography services, and food and drinks.


Season of the Year: Generally, the cost of throwing a yacht party is seasonal. While the cost of renting a yacht and organizing entertainment tend to go up during festive seasons and national holidays, you can get a better deal during off-peak seasons. However, we try to maintain a favorable price for our services throughout.


The Region to Cruise: When hosting a yacht party, choosing the location to sail should be part of your plans as it determines not only the type of yacht to rent but also the cost of renting such boats. Our aquatic toys sail through different parts of the UAE, however, knowing the areas you desire to cruise would help us book the right yacht and organize the kind of party you and your friends will remember for years to come.


Safety of Your Guest: A party can only be considered to be successful when guests leave the yacht with their lives and health intact. Our boats are very safe but we also know that things can get messy during parties and that is why we always strive to ensure that all the safety equipment in our boats are in perfect condition. It is also advisable to visit the yacht you intend to rent before payment and prior to the party.

There are a whole lot of other factors to consider but if you get these ones right, half the work is done. Your next step should be contacting us to match up your plans with flawless execution and help you rent the perfect yacht in Dubai for your bash.