Hosting Your Next Birthday Party

Hosting Your Next Birthday Party

Posted OnMarch 14, 2018


Isn’t throwing a birthday party always such a tiresome task? There is simply an endless list of things to do! Thus it is always rather convenient to hire an event planner to get the planning done for you, saving you the stress and frustration especially when it comes to dealing with last minute disappointments and decisions to be made.

Have you considered renting a boat in Dubai as the venue for your party? Not only is this one of the trendiest environments to host a party at, but it is also a novel idea, original and will certainly elevate the hype, leaving you with unforgettable memories!

You could treat your guests and yourself to the scenic beauty of the ocean while enjoying an ambience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before at shore. The nighttime will be the perfect hour to host the party as you’ll be able to decorate the yacht with brilliant lamps and lanterns or fairy lights. Our team of experienced staff will help your event planner to sort out the decorations and we also provide you with the service to book decorations for an additional fee.

If you’re looking to host a fine dining party, we could assist you by setting out the furniture accordingly and you could select the ideal menu from our list of mouthwatering gourmet fine dining menus.  We could also provide you with a cocktail menu which will include pure blend premium beverages along with delectable tapas and finger food. We will also provide you with a team of highly efficient hostesses so that your event will run smoothly and you won’t have to hire staff separately which will be costly for you too.

If you want to have high end entertainment, we could also provide you with the assistance to set up the band and other audio equipment. Our yachts are equipped with cutting edge technology so that you could treat your guests to some high quality audio.  Having furnished our yachts with flat screen TVs you could also get your event manager to pull together a presentation or video of yourself which you could play during your party.

Your birthday party needs to be captured in a way that it doesn’t simply remain a blissful memory. Hence it is important that you get photography coverage for the entire event. Photography and videography too could be arranged for an additional fee so that you can cover your entire event without having to hire a separate company for the job. You simply have to let your event planner know your themes and preferences and they will work together with our staff to throw you one- amazing- party!


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