A Ladies’ Day Out On Deck!

A Ladies’ Day Out On Deck!

Posted OnMarch 25, 2018


When it comes to hobbies associated with spending several hours out in the scorching sun, we ladies tend to tread with caution. However, this only leaves us very few options when it comes to enjoying outdoor hobbies.

Have you ever considered a yacht cruise with your girlfriends and having mani-pedis out on a deck whilst getting a bountiful of Vitamin D and a healthy natural tan? With the facilities we provide when it comes to boat rentals in Dubai, yacht cruises are no longer difficult to organize! Each yacht is equipped with unique facilities, including overnight accommodation in luxury rooms, accompanied by scrumptiously delectable food.

Here’s a check-list that will assist you in planning your perfect ladies getaway!

  1. Load up on sunscreen! Even though you’re looking to get a natural tan while at deck, it is important to protect your skin against the harmful Ultra Violet rays of the sun which could even lead to severe sun burn. Opt for a product that promotes tanning while protecting your sun at the same time.
  2. Dress to slay! It may be a trip out in the ocean where you are highly unlikely to meet anyone you would want to impress, however, a yacht cruise is an ideal venue to snap a plethora of pictures whether it is for your social media page or simply for your own personal album. The natural lighting from the sun will give you the perfect glow and elevate your skin tone by leaving no need for any filters to perfect the pictures!

Dress lightly and don’t forget to add bright colored clothing to the mix as these will look striking and magnificent against the deep blue waters surrounding your yacht!

  1. Preorder your menu. It is always more convenient to pre order your menu so that you can plan the rest of the way, as opting to decide your food options while on the cruise will take up time from the rest of the activities you could engage in.
  2. Book your nail technician! There won’t be any mani-pedis if you don’t book a nail technician! It is highly advisable that you book a technician at least 2 weeks ahead and inform her as to the atmosphere as to where her services will be needed so that she could prepare and pack all the products needed in a manner which is easily transportable on deck and set up accordingly.
  3. Pick out your favorite music mix! Our yachts are equipped with cutting edge technology to facilitate all audio entertainment. You could also bring along favourite drama series or movie to binge watch along with your girl pals upon personal preference!



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