There Is Nothing More Thrilling Than A Fishing Hunt!

There Is Nothing More Thrilling Than A Fishing Hunt!

Posted OnApril 3, 2018


With the recent innovations and advancements in technology, children now a days aren’t assimilated with the fond and exhilarating memories that fishing brought about a decade back. Not only was fishing simply thrilling, the feeling of accomplishment, and the adrenaline rush though the hunt and finally setting down to indulge in the freshest seafood you could get your hands on cannot be simply limited into words.

With the facilities we provide in making fishing trips in Dubai a reality, you’re promised a fun-filled yet luxurious yacht fully equipped with handy staff and good entertainment. Our yachts have cutting edge audio along through which you could play your favorite music mix as you settle down and focus on catching some fish! You could either go with your family and start up a new family tradition where you could plan an annual trip with your siblings or children, or you could go with your colleagues or even potential business partners and talk business while patiently waiting for the fish to catch the bait.

When it comes to fishing, you could look forward to catching cobia, travallies, groupers (hammour), snappers, barracudas and, if it’s your lucky day, even a giant kingfish. This is a great opportunity for you to introduce different varieties of fish to your kids, and to give them a chance to see these fish up close, as opposed to the usual views they get through a glass at an aquarium.

If you’re feeling a little morally challenged about catching these fish and consuming them, you could always let the fish off the hook once you’ve caught it and put it back into the water. This would be a pleasant example to show your children too, if you feel uncomfortable about introducing them to such activity.

Lastly, you must not forget the nutrients that a seafood meal will add to your body. Not only is it simply mouthwatering but it is also an instant boost of calcium and protein. It is always safer to indulge in freshly caught fish as opposed to the wish you would be buying at the store or supermarket as these are likely to be rested for a couple of days or even packed with artificial preservatives.

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