Private Yacht Charter Company in Dubai – 5 Simple Guidelines For a Hitch-free Cruise

Private Yacht Charter Company in Dubai – 5 Simple Guidelines For a Hitch-free Cruise

Posted OnDecember 16, 2018

Spending time on a private yacht can be fun, relaxing, and luxurious. However, there are still some dos and don’ts to follow for your safety and that of the boat.

Following these simple rules or guidelines can help to ensure you enjoy an amazing time aboard a private yacht; without endangering the lives of people aboard the boat, or getting into legal issues with a private yacht charter company in Dubai.

Keep Off Areas Reserved for the Crew
A good private yacht charter company in Dubai will inform you about the “upstairs/downstairs” concept and honoring it during the cruise could help you maintain a healthy relationship with the crew. For instance, the galley is usually managed by the chef and it is only respectful that you seek permission before moving into the kitchen area.   Even for a task as mundane as picking up drinks in the galley can be communicated to the crew and they will provide you with the drink or restock the refrigerators in the guest areas.


Bear in Mind That the Crew Are Not Babysitters
If you are embarking on a family vacation or cruise and you plan to have your kids around, you should make arrangement for babysitters. A good private yacht charter company in Dubai will provide your kids with all sorts of toys and games. However, looking after your kids is your responsibility.


Treat All Issues Through the Captain
Should there be any issue with the crew or the boat, do not take matters into your hands. It may be your cruise, but the captain is the only person with the authority to make decisions or correct the crew aboard the yacht. So, always communicate any issue or safety concern to the captain.


Don’t Engage in Illegal Activities Aboard a Yacht
Conducting illegal activities aboard a private yacht in Dubai can land you into a serious legal issue. And the yacht owner isn’t entirely safe too. The penalty can range from serving time in jail for the offender to license seizure for the private yacht charter company in Dubai. For this reason, the captain and crew will not waste time in turning you over to authorities if they notice any unusual transaction.


Don’t Flaunt Smoking, Safety and Charter Policies, and Guidelines
Smoking is allowed on most yachts. However, for the safety of the people aboard and to maintain cleanliness, there are usually some areas on deck designated for smoking. In addition, endeavor to listen and adhere to other safety instructions and maritime laws.

There may also be some minor policies depending on the private yacht charter company in Dubai. While some may prohibit wearing footwears inside the cabin, others may prohibit wearing them on deck. It is important to be clear about this before chartering and try as much as possible not to renege on the initial agreement.

Long story short, treat the yacht as you will treat yours, respect the crew members, and obey safety instructions. Follow these simple rules will help you enjoy your private yacht vacation.