Sailing With Kids – Top 5 Tips to Ensure the Safety of Your Children

Sailing With Kids – Top 5 Tips to Ensure the Safety of Your Children

Posted OnJanuary 6, 2019

Taking your children on sailing when going for a luxury yacht rental in Dubai can be a fulfilling educational experience for the whole family. Sailing with your children is an adventure for sure! If you already love spending time on yachts, then doing so with your little ones can teach you a whole new appreciation for the thrills of being on the water.

However, it can also be a little troublesome for your little ones, especially when it’s the first time they’re sailing on a yacht. So how do you exactly make sure that your child is safe on board? Read on for more tips below.

  1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

As always when renting a luxury yacht for the holidays, preparation is key, but the essence of the planning stage cannot be overlooked especially when you’re sailing with children.

Make sure that you know precisely where, when, and how your vacation will work out. The more set you up, the less likely things are to turn out badly.

Planning it out isn’t just about knowing the details and ensuring you carry everything with you that you will need, but it is also about taking cruising courses (particularly if this will be your first time on board too) to be set up for emergency situations. Even if the tour will be guided by a knowledgeable instructor who is trained for those, it’s also good to know it by yourself as well.

Excite your children about the trip before going by showing to them where you are actually going. Perhaps they will appreciate creating ‘treasure maps’ or imagining they are a pirate or an adventurer taking off on a quest. Entertained and happy children remain safe, so plan to manage any moments of fatigue, irritation, or any negativities in a quick and calm manner.

  1. Practical Provisioning.

Bringing enough food and drink is only part of practical provisioning.

Despite the fact that you should obviously ensure that the whole family is protected from the sun and remain hydrated and nourished, it is also important to think about how much more excited everybody will be on-board.

Don’t forget to bring small snacks the whole family can nibble on throughout the day – everyone will be hungry with all the fresh air and fun activities on board.

To make an extra-special treat for the children, you can bring fruit juices that the whole family can drink while enjoying the view of the sunset. Make your meals exciting for the children by having a picnic on the deck.

  1. Get the Gear for Sailing Safety.

It should, definitely, go without saying that everybody on board must have proper safety gear including lifejackets, non-slip footwear, sensible apparel, cruising gloves, caps, shades, and loads of sunscreen.

Let the kids find and choose their own gear, and don’t forget to make sure it fits them properly and comfortably. Inform the children about the rules, and make sure they understand so they can adhere to the rules when you’re on a cruise.

Finally, set a good example for your children by also following the rules by yourselves. It should never be one rule for them and another for you! Lead by example, and they will follow. In any case, the children will be having so much fun they won’t even be thinking about being irritated by what they must wear!

  1. Keep The Kids Entertained.

If the child is entertained, then the child will not be in a harmful scenario. You can keep the children interested in watersport activities like swimming or diving. When it’s the evening, you can have your kids play board games and quizzes. Tell your children about adventure stories on the high seas or quests about pirates looking for treasure.

There is no reason why a child on a should be bored when sailing!

  1. Plan Plenty of Shore Time.

For the children’s safety, and for your own as well, it’s important to schedule enough time off the boat, spending time on shore not just by sightseeing but also just relaxing together on a quiet beach.

Get enough time to relax and rest, as accidents can be due to tiredness or irritability.

So, go sailing with children and you will be bound to have lots of fun. As long as you take note of the above in mind, you may well have the adventure of a lifetime with yacht rental in Dubai that can surely be done again!